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Big Lagoon Expanded Learning Opportunities Program

Afterschool Adventures

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What We Do

Big Lagoon School is rich with beauty, resources, and tradition. We prioritize having inclusive and equitable practices that focus on Traditional Ecological Knowledge intermingled with Western Science. We value direct experience in nature. We value joy, engagement, wonder, and love for each other and the natural world. We embody our values to ensure a meaningful experience each time we meet with students. 

Environmental Education

Big Lagoon Elementary is on the ancestral land of the Yurok people. We show gratitude through implementing Traditional Ecological Knowledge lessons, outdoor education activities and nature based instruction. Our garden program supports students' health and promotes food sovereignty.

Coastal Camp

Summer camps based out of Big Lagoon offer kids a unique opportunity to experience the 5 distinct habitats that surround the site. Kids will canoe, hike to Sue-meg State Park and explore the magical forest around Big Lagoon during their stay. 

Educator Training

Teachers can experience camp themselves during our How to Herd Your Squirrels professional development.

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